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Details Polymers-in-Medicine-Advances-in-Polymer-Science-Band-57

Soluble synthetic polymers in biological systems.- Soluble synthetic polymers as potential drug carriers.- Blood-compatible polymers.- Ionizing radiation and gas plasma (or glow) discharge treatments for preparation of novel polymeric biomaterials.

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Details Theoretical-and-Mathematical-Models-in-Polymer-Research-Modern-Methods-in-Polymer-Research-and-Technology-Volume-5-Polymers-Interfaces-and-Biomaterials-Volume-5

[{ Theoretical and Mathematical Models in Polymer Research: Modern Methods in Polymer Research and Technology By Grosberg, Alexander ( Author ) Mar - 27- 1998 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Mass-Spectrometry-of-Polymers-New-Techniques-Advances-in-Polymer-Science-Band-248

Gebundenes BuchEmerging Mass Spectrometric Tools for Analysis of Polymers and Polymer Additives, by Nina Aminlashgari and Minna Hakkarainen. Analysis of Polymer Additives and Impurities by Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry and Capillary ...

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Details Progress-in-Pacific-Polymer-Science-3-Proceedings-of-the-Third-Pacific-Polymer-Conference-Gold-Coast-Queensland-December-13-17-1993

Progress in Pacific Polymer Science 3 continues the record of the current status of major topics in polymer science.The invited lecturers cover the following topics:- Adding Value to Natural Polymers- Polymers and the Environment- Polymers in Mining ...

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Details Electric-Phenomena-in-Polymer-Science-Advances-in-Polymer-Science-Band-33

Feasibility of polymer film coatings through electroinitiated polymerization in aqueous medium.- Electroinitiated polymerization on electrodes.- Molecular aspects of multiple dielectric relaxation processes in solid polymers.- The nature and ...